YOU Are A Brand!

“Developing who you are to reveal more of who God is, in the way only you can for the good of others”

I was fortunate enough to hear about and attend an online class that was held at The Influence Network called “Brand You”, through a friend of mine. I wanted to share some of my favorite insights with you here. It was all about branding yourself and your blog or small business and was led by an awesome woman named  Stephanie Bryant of S.Bryant Social Marketing. Her emphasis is that YOU are a brand! She encouraged us to sit down and answer several questions about your business/blog?

  • What do you want to be known for?
    • Take some time and think about what what you want your business (and you as the face of that business) to be recognized for? Are you offering a service? What special gifts, skills, traits, experiences do you bring to that? Are you selling a product? What is the image that you want to create in your customers’ minds about that product? For me, this answer looked something like this: I want my business to be known for offering small businesses, entrepreneurs & non-profits practical services (such as creating and distributing email newsletters) in a service oriented, reliable, creative way. I want clients to feel like I’m their partner in the success of their business and  want to be known for being encouraging, resourceful, helpful & enthusiastic.
  • Where do you hope to be a year from now?
    • This question involves dreaming! One of my favorite things (just ask my husband). Where do you see yourself and your business a year from now? Do you see taking on more clients or readers? Do you see your focus shifting? Do you see yourself having more or less time pursuing the things you’re passionate about? Do you see yourself adding to your product line or weeding out and focusing on just your top selling items? Do you see opening up new avenues of distribution? Are you planning on taking advantage of a new social media or marketing tool? This question can go anywhere, take time and imagine the possibilities!
  • What is the expectation that you hope to create for your future customer?
    • This is a super question because what she was essentially asking us to consider with this question is “What is the promise that you are making to your customers?” You already listed some things that you want to be known for, here is where you can tie those things into what you are offering your customer. You want to make a promise to them. Give them an idea of what they can expect when they buy something from you, talk to you, receive a service from you, read something you wrote, whatever… For me, my hope would be that when a client comes to me for my services that they could expect someone who is enthusiastic about the work, diligent, creative, organized, resourceful & trustworthy. That I am someone who will strive to treat their brand as I do my own. And finally, that I would do everything I can to fulfill their expectation and assist them with all the skills that I have to the best of my ability. This becomes the “promise” to my clients.
  • Who is your audience?
    • This is that demographic question that we all need to answer. Who are you looking to serve with your product/blog/service?
  • Is the promise you’re making fulfilling to your audience?
    • Are your promises in line with the people you are looking to serve and then how are you living up to those promises. Your name, your services, your tag line,  who you identify as those customers (we can’t serve everyone at the same time), your logo, your website, your business cards, your social media, your Facebook page all convey ways that you are fulfilling that promise to your audience.

Stephanie stressed the importance of the having a unifying identity across all of your outlets. If someone sees your newsletter, stumbles onto your website, or goes on your Facebook page, it would be obvious who’s brand this is.  This class really got my juices flowing and energized to be more intentional about branding myself and my business. This is an ongoing process and today is as good a day to begin as any.

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