Reading This Week…

I love reading and I’m always scouring the web for interesting/inspirational articles that would be relevant to my clients. Here is a little list of some articles and websites that I’ve been checking out this week…

Why You Can’t Fire Employees Complaining on Facebook (Social Media Today)

5 Traits Top  Entrepreneurs Have in Common (Young A short 2 minute video!

5 Ways to Tame You Email Beast ( We can all use some help with reining in our email. Can you tell I love a list?

Business in Trouble? Tell Your Customers! ( This article shared an interesting strategy that a coffee house in Mass. that was in financial trouble used to stay afloat. Recently I’ve seen quite a few local businesses going under and I wonder if they had just told their most loyal customers about their struggles if they would still be in business.

The High Calling Great website about work,life and God and how they intersect.



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