All my pricing is tailored to each individual client and their specific needs. My hope is to build a long term relationship with each of my clients, therefore all of my pricing is tailored to each business owner/client. (Below are some guidelines)

Social Media Marketing-retained on a monthly basis, fees start at $150/month-As you know social media (Facebook/Twitter/blogs/etc…) is “on” 24/7 and since I don’t like to nickel and dime my clients for my time, I ask for a monthly retainer depending on the scope of marketing you need

Administrative/Project Work-fees start at $40/hr-Anything outside of Social Media will most likely fall into this category, clerical work, spreadsheets, sales analysis, inventory plans, e-newsletters, mailings, maintaining contact lists, travel planning, event planning, etc…(you get the idea)

Encouragement/Inspiration-Free! I love learning! I scour the internet daily and read way too many blogs. I attend webinars about whatever I can that will help other businesses as well as my own. I read books. I do all of these things so that I can pass on what I’m learning to my clients and others. I’ll be posting my notes/thoughts on my blog. Join me there!

Please contact me for quotes on any other assignments.

(I am willing to do several hours of work per month pro bono for non-profits and ministry organizations, contact me for further information)